Delighted Customers

We keep getting stories coming through from customers who have seen great results with Avante Hair. 

Have you had great results from Avante Hair and want to share your feedback? Get in touch!

Great Product

Seems to be great product. Had better results after 1 bottle then what I’ve had with Ashley and Martin for 2 years!




Love the Results

My hair thinned/fell after having children and its never really recovered.

I have washed my hair with Zenagen Revolve shampoo 2-3 times a week and used the Avante Spray around twice a week (on the days I didn’t wash my hair).

While you have to be patient for the hair to go through its grow cycles, you can see my hair is thickening back up to my delight.

I would recommend people give this a try.

Wow when you look at the photos there is quite a marked change – yay!




Thicker Hair – Happy

I am a 77 year old female who has had thin hair for a long time.

I have a been using Avante Hair Restoration Serum for about 1 year. I just love the wonderful feeling of having more thicker and healthier hair. Also the product is so easy to use.

Even the ladies at the gym have noticed my thicker hair and I constantly get comments “Wow, your hair looks a lot thicker, what have you done, it looks great?”

So thank you and I will be continuing with my Avante routine.




Amazing Results

I’m a male in my late twenties and my hair was starting to thin quite dramatically. I was amazed by the results of the avante spray. It was easy to use and within 6 weeks I really noticed results.




Love Avante Hair

I am a 40 year old female who has poor health my hair was starting to thin out leaving patches at times. Since using Avante Spray my hair is thickening back up and not falling out as much. I would definitely recommend people to give it a try as it is worth it. 

Rebecca Moffat



The Good Stuff

I started using Avante at the beginning of the year. I’ve been thoroughly impressed by the results.

My hair is noticeably thicker where it was thinning and its condition and lustre has improved dramatically.

I’ve noticed a shorter interval between haircuts & my wife is loving the results too.

Top notch product!!