How Does Avante Work?

Avante Hair is a unisex product which uses a combination of active and nutraceutical ingredients.

Nourishing peptides, vitamins and DHT blockers are delivered to the hair follicle which reduce hair shedding, condition the scalp and stimulate hair follicle activity.

Avante Hair works from 6 different angles to rejuvenate your hair:

1) Fights DHT buildup

Green Tea Extract provides polyphenol which helps to inhibit 5-alpha reductase, blocking the formation of DHT and provides the perfect environment for new hair growth.

To learn more about DHT and it’s central role in hair loss, read our What Causes Hair Loss? page.

2) Improves blood flow to assist in hair follicle stimulation

Avante Hair uses active nutraceutical ingredients like Arginine to provide nourishing peptides and vitamins directly to the hair follicle which increases blood flow. By improving blood flow to the hair follicle, cellular turnover is increased which boosts follicle growth activity.

3) Moisturises and hydrates the hair

All life needs water so it makes sense to focus on providing hydration to your hair. Avante Hair uses a combination of ingredients to nourish your scalp and hair follicles, providing the perfect conditions for growth.

4) Provides micro nutrients to the scalp

Avante hair provides a range of micro nutrients to your scalp which help to create the perfect environment for hair growth.

Vitamins A, E and C along with Zinc, Selenium, Chromium and Manganese are all used in combination to nourish, cleanse and condition the scalp, creating the perfect environment for your hair follicles to do what they should be doing best – growing hair.

5) Provides nutritional support to the follicles

Your hair follicles also require nutritional support, which is Avant Hair uses Vitamin B5 to provide your hair follicles with essential nutrients to ensure the production of strong hair.

6) Strengthens hair to look thicker and fuller

Through a combination of a healthier scalp and stronger hair follicles, the strands of hair produced are stronger which is more resistant to shedding. Less shedding means more hair stays on your head, providing body and the appearance of a fuller head of hair with less scalp showing.